RAAI 2019


I am a bit short in updates on the website, but things have been moving for a while now. We have managed to synchronise the EMG and kinematics measurements, refine all the acquisition parameters and do our first set of experiments with healthy volunteers! These set of measurements, together with effords on modelling, have resulted in some exciting results: We have completed the prediction algorithm for the kinematics of the upper arm during rehabilitation tasks.

This is accomplished using a neural network model, which is trained with measurement data captured during repetitions of rehabilitation tasks. Since neural networks are relating to Artificial Inteligence, we sent the results for preliminary dissimination to RAAI (Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence). This year (2019), the RAAI conference took place between 28 and 30 of June in Bucharest. Our abstract submission has been accepted both as a poster but also as an oral presentation.

The presentations was fruitful with some relevant questions and good chances for networking with people from the AI field in the region.

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